MLATM has a few seasons. There’s the prolonged heat of blockbuster season that falls into TIFF. Like the close of the Coptic calendar this is a brief period, and a joyous one. Then comes October, or as I like to call it: Horror Month. Since this blog’s inception there’s always been a “Horror Month.” Basically it’s a time wherein I indulge the genre for 31 straight days. This year is prepped and ready to roll, but before the reels run I have something to say:

Horror is definitely not a beloved art form… well it is, just not by all. It’s essentially niche, cult to put it correctly, (Cult: a group bound together by veneration of the same thing). I know all about veneration. I adore publicly that which others dislike just as openly. Let me give you some examples:

Alexander by Oliver Stone is perfect for starters. Truth be told I forgive this director a lot, but I don’t believe Alexander begs my pardon. I believe its casting is excellent, and its lead does the boy god justice. Furthermore its portrayal of the Battle of Gaugamela is one of my favorite moments in cinematic history. I could go on but let’s talk about the Temple of Doom instead. Until recently I was unaware that this iteration of Indiana Jones is viewed as second rate. To me it remains the best in the series. Its theological interest is Eastern, and its adventure elements breathtaking. Plus the chant of Kali is riveting… heart pumping even.

The Stars Wars prequels are also among my favorite films ever, but I’ve discussed this fact before. I found Sucker Punch to be the most enjoyable film of 2011, (and I saw 100 in theater that year). For Sci-Fi and Fantasy I could list off several more, but I’ll toss a Hail Mary up instead. Sex and the City is a movie I absolutely love. Not only because I think its writing is pristine, but also because it captured a moment in time with the woman I love. It like many other films have accomplished that feat, being not only entertaining but mnemonic as well.

It’s why I titled this piece IMO, because all of this is “In My Opinion.” That’s all it is, just truth seen through my eyes, and what these eyes have seen I don’t intend to ever forget. Good, bad or ugly it’s all been memorable. It’s all been beautiful.