Blasfome Lost Angels Card

Blasfome Silverado Squatters Card

Blasfome The Uplifters CardIntroducing the Blasfome Summer Two “The Bohemian Grove Baseball League.” (BGBL) The BGBL is inspired by the infamous Bohemian Grove where conspiracy theorists say the global elite meet for weeks of partying drinking and rituals.  Supposedly world changing decisions and deal are crafted behind the Grove’s gates.

Within the grounds of the Bohemian Grove exists a number of different camps the camps are representatives from different faucets of big business and the global elite.  While researching the Grove as a possible theme for part of Blasfome’s Summer Collection I found that different industries were represented by different camps.  I noticed that the names of the camps closely resembled minor league baseballs teams.  The childish nature of the names made it the perfect canvas to poke fun at the global decision makers that consistently make us the butt of their jokes and so the BGBL was born.

Featured above are The BGBL team cards for the first three teams for the league.  The Lost Angels The Silverado Squatters and The Uplifters.

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