EAST COAST F*CK YOU from Jersey Streets onVimeo

A couple weeks ago was East Coast Bash.  The gathering of drifters and maniacs is one of the biggest events of year and of course Blasfamily member and Bloodmaster John Wagner was there to throw down.  Check out this recap video about and get ready for Clubloose ii this upcoming weekend at Midvale Speedway. Here’s the details:

clubloose II event @ midvale speedway July 15
come out and drift, meet with other car people or just to watch amazing local drivers go insane.

Driving costs *$75 paypal prepay @ clubloose2@gmail.com or *$85 at the event

Spectators $10

Car meet people bring your car in the gated area for an ADDITIONAL $5
(parking outside the gate and loitering WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and you will be asked to leave)

Drivers meeting @ 11:00 be there!

www.midvalespeedway.com (for track info.)
http://www.clubloose.com/clubloose/index.php/the-rules (rules)
www.clubloose.com (for all other info.).