John Wagner Signature Tee Drifting

We know everything gets insane around holidays. Especially holidays where blowing shit up is the number one attraction. With that in mind we held off a few days on officially publicizing this release.

We are proud to announce the release of our first team member signature shirt. The John Wagner Signature Tee.

The John Wagner Signature tee is Blasfome and John Wagner’s take on one of John’s favorite skateboard graphics from the early 90′s the 101 Natas Kaupas Model. The graphic originally bears Natas’s name and branding for 101 and it is a reference to rumors that Natas was a satan worshiper or worse yet Satan himself. This played amazingly with rumors that members of Blasfome’s staff and creators are somehow Satanists or rumored to be in the illuminati. The graphic was painstakingly recreated bearing John’s name in place of Natas’s and Blasfome branding in place of the 101 branding. The entire process is an homage to the trend of co-opting logos and graphics that was popular among skateboard graphic designers of the time. This play on 101′s infamous graphic continues with advertising that mimics the original 101 art work from the time of the board’s release. John’s signature tee can be purchased by clicking on the photo above.