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You may be familiar with Danny Devine from the killer art show he threw at the store back in January.  Well folks, hes back at it for what is possibly the largest show of his career.  “Just My Imagination” is the art show we have all been waiting for, the tell-all 365 daily draw show of the life and times of mr Danny Devine.  Peep the heart-felt artist note below for more information.  Swear this really is something you are going to want to make time to see.

“On February 22, 2011, I started an ambitious project to create a new drawing every day for a year. Referred to as my draw 365 project, it lasted through thick and thin, heartbreak and romance, and travels and triumphs. Quickly after the start, the project started to dominate my existence. What I thought was an easy endeavor led to challenging myself as an artist and more importantly as a person, to adequately tell a story about my day to day life and thought process of a working artist in Pittsburgh, PA. On Saturday March 31st, with the help of the amazing individuals at Gallery 4, I will show the finalized project.

hope to see yinz there.”

-Danny Devine

thanks to…

The Gallery 4,
Artist and Craftsman Supply
WRK Clothes
Vitamin Water
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