Dez in the BLAST BAILBONDS shirt.

A few weeks ago my friends Dez and Seez were in town on tour.  They always put on a great show before and after they go on stage.  Once again Dez, Arlo and myself proceeded to get drunk and make asses out of ourselves like any righteous human being would do.  I could go into detail but, to be completely honest I don’t remember most of them…. or any of them for that matter.

On the other hand I do have a copy of the brand new Dez and Nobs album “ROCKY DENNIS” sitting in front of me.  I’m not 100% positive that I promised to review it but, I am pretty sure I did.  Either way I am going to review it now.

Let me say this before I even begin.  The album is great and I know you probably think I am saying that only because they are my friends and that would make you wrong.

If the album sucked I would have probably microwaved the CD or thrown it out the window at some unsuspecting pedestrian and at least got a laugh out of it.  Fortunately for the unsuspecting pedestrian and Dez and Nobs I love the album.

The “Rocky Dennis” album was inspired by the 1985 movie “Mask”  Starring Cher and Eric Stoltz about the seriously deformed child of a hellion biker babe although the subject matter is not limited to just that.  The album covers a range of topics we can all get down to tattooed whores, talking shit, partying, maybe a fight here and there, shitty pop music and anything else that comes with being total scumbags.  Dez brings the heat lyrically like he always does cracking jokes and talking shit along the way.  Nobs kills the production.  If you’re into good music by real humans this album is totally for you.  If you just turned off the latest Lady Gaga track then I promise you that you’ll hate it, but if you’re listening to Lady Gaga there is a good chance all of your taste is in your mouth and you probably aren’t reading this blog.

Dez and Nobs “Rocky Dennis” is available from these fine people.

Shut your fucking mouth!