This year’s Halloween Month is unlike any other. Thanks to my 2012 mission statement, (i.e. Aeon’s Flight), I’m not simply seeing horror movies I’m discussing the inspiration that strikes me while I do. The lightning rod for this round is Hitchcock’s classic, “Dial M for Murder.” Originally I had planned to watch V/H/S, but when the opportunity to see an age-old gem arose I couldn’t pass it up. And quite frankly I’m glad I didn’t.

For starters I saw firsthand why they call the man a master. The suspense Hitchcock created with this film was so potent, so tangible. For those interested in the plotline it’s the story of a disgruntled husband eager to kill his adulterous wife. Ray Milland plays Tony Wendice the scheming spouse out to see his bride bite the biscuit. The timeless beauty Grace Kelly plays Margot Mary Wendice, his intended victim. Tony weaves a web of lies, and Margot is ensnared by it with ease.

This idea of being deceived is something we’re all familiar with. Not just via past mistakes, but presently as well. Let me explain myself. Across most cultures, color lines and genders there exists a set a universal desires: honesty and freedom being the most essential. Yet as much as we all want truth and independence we don’t want what comes along with them, namely the hurt and struggle. Thus we welcome the appearance of such things so that we can have our cake and eat it too. For example we don’t want our loved ones to tell us how they really feel, only to relay the points that please us. Neither do we want the freedom to do whatever we want, but instead the permission to get away with what others cannot. Lies, the foundation for the life we wish to live.

As unsettling as this idea is I wish to press the point further. Honesty is far from the best policy, because it is both exceptional and erratic. If caught talking behind another’s back, owning up to it is far from the immediate response. When asked what’s wrong a detailed explanation is never offered up. We lie and we are lied to, with a passive aggressive brush we paint a pretty picture using shit for paint. I’m not upset by this because I too am a participant. As usual I’m merely being observational, and in seeing all of above I wonder as to why we do it.

The answer is embedded within our altruistic nature. Human beings possess this unselfish concern for others to a far greater extent than any other mammal. Though we at times believe our species to be utterly evil I disagree. We lie to each other because we love each other, and though we are capable of love we struggle to put it into practice, so we lie because we are well versed in the art. Lie to me until you can love me, I promise I’ll understand.