Freedom of speech and the oddity that is honesty, two topics that at first glance appear to have nothing in common with Halloween, and perhaps they don’t.  Nevertheless these are the babes born from this blessed union between a cinematic bride and her groom, my life. Speaking of the latter this past week was an interesting one. I finished my first half-marathon, retired from my other blogging duties, and cut back my cybernetic chit-chat. Personal pursuits and the efforts to afford them added attention, what can I say I’m looking for something more. That said this week’s focal film questions the value of self-interest.

For the third week of Halloween Month 2012 I went to see “Sinister.” Though it wasn’t as terrifying as I was expecting it to be, it was still an entertaining and interesting movie. Much of said interest rests in its mythos. Its superstitious narrative fleshes out the Boogie Man by giving him Babylonian roots; an ancient and artistic connection to say the least. But without spoiling the story altogether let me switch my attention to its protagonist. Ellison is a struggling writer desperate to rekindle with his old flame, fame. To accomplish this task he ignores those suffering around him in hopes that his success will balance the scales. Suffice it to say his delusions of grandeur are disparaging. Thus I am led to question, are my own?

With Ellison’s life as the model I will attempt to answer. The man is one obsessed with the allure of applause, and distracted by the chance of being its instigator. Possessed by celebrity he misplaces his passion, investing it wholly into an idea, leaving no room for company. Yet company abounds, friends and family eager to enjoy time with him. Ushering them aside with promises of due diligence after duty’s demands have been fulfilled, he loses himself in the aforementioned idea… but thoughts outwear their welcome. In such a prolonged state the mind becomes a suicide bomber without a mission, and when it blows it does so like a grenade. Shrapnel not only strikes one’s self, but everyone in proximity. And so the soul enslaved by ego hurts the ones it loves.

Whether unintentional or otherwise the path of good intentions paves its way to bad results. And so I must question my actions, as I believe we all should, to truly discern their purpose. To do that which makes us happy is one thing, but to do that only is something else entirely. It may be difficult at times to include others in our dreams, but then again do we dream to be alone?