Blasfome_Bloodmasters_Wagner1-2You may have noticed that we have been posting a lot of updates from the Bloodmasters Drift Missile Crew on the Blasfome site lately.  Understandably it seems a little off base from the usual hip-hop news that generally dominates the theme of the site.  Truth be told long before anyone at Blasfome was even thinking of the brand we were racing cars and generally causing trouble by any means possible.  This lead us to make a lot of really awesome friends and become involved in many different cultures so, when it came time for Blasfome and the Blasfamily to grow past its hip-hop roots the first place we turned was to our good friend John Wagner of the Bloodmasters.Blasfome_Bloodmasters_Wagner5-2John is a demon behind the wheel so much of a demon that he is a Formula D driver and has competed in drift events across the country and is part of the Drift Alliance Crew.  Basically what John can do in car is nothing short of amazing.  John’s latest adventure is being part of the The Bloodmasters an unsanctioned allstar crew of Formula D drivers and maniacs.  Saying that these guys are stuntmen would make it sound like they have a plan.  Calling them the Blue Angels of drift driving would make it sound like they had some sort of discipline.  The Bloodmasters are more closely related to the Japanese car subculture of Bosozuko Wagner and his Bloodmaster brethern are more likely to get in a bar fight, pull into the race track fresh out of jail and late on a stripped down Honda motorcycle than they are to thank tire sponsors and pose with trophies on some podium while popping champagne.

Blasfome_Bloodmasters_Wagner8-2It made total sense that when we were scheduling this photo shoot with John that he would insist we shoot all of the photos at the Tennyson Lodge, a local dive bar/strip club in the suburbs of Pittsburgh that John and the rest of the Bloodmasters frequent when they’re in town.  When we meet Wagner at the Tennyson for the shoot we find that the entire staff knows him by name.  He makes nice with the owner’s dog Scrappy Doo as we get ready for the shoot and some dancing girls.  This is Wagner’s spot.  We stay late into the night shooting pics and throwing money at strippers.  Meet the newest member of the Blasfamily John Wagner.