Last week a British Bulldog reminded me about the importance of taking risks. This week an American icon has led me to evaluate the current state of affairs. Not here in Canada. Our government’s hands are so deep in our pockets we’re convinced they’re pulling up our socks. Thus my attention is directed to a land of the fading free. I say this intentionally, as I believe the brave are next to no more, they’re now the pretenders, the realists…. two-sided bullshit!

Following the great revolution America solidified itself as a union of self-governing states. As an ideal actualized it was only a matter of time before the dominoes fell. Like dominoes the country was soon faced with a series of binaries; options presented in pairs. The North constructed cities and supported industrialization. The South chose the rustic approach, and celebrated an antiquated social order. This division intensified in time when the Missouri Compromise was overruled by the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Meaning, the issue of slavery was no longer relegated but something to be voted on. Two warring economies thereafter became two warring masses, the binaries now bloody.

Abraham Lincoln led the North. Steven Spielberg’s new biopic about him led me to write this historical tirade. Bear with me as I continue. The aforementioned flick portrayed him as a complicated man struggling with an idea, that of the 13th amendment. As the first Republican Commander and Chief, Lincoln’s attention eventually converged on his party’s foundational axiom, that freedom is inherent in all men. This supposed truth was elevated from the Declaration of Independence, a document that had been superseded in importance by the more recent U.S. Constitution. The latter suggested that some men were more deserving of liberty than others, so Lincoln went to war in the senate and throughout the states. Blood spilled and backdoor deals were made in order to break the shackles of slavery. Messy as it all was the triumph remains memorable, and Lincoln a monolith for making it happen.

Much has changed since then. The binaries are back ten-fold, and the masses are eagerly choosing sides. Not to fight for freedom, just to pick a side. Bob is this, Suzy is that, and for some reason it’s important. Republican or Democrat truth be told it’s just superficial nonsense. The country is broke and both parties have spent the last 60+ years getting it there. To distract from this fact candidates ego-stroke the public, and the public purrs. The kittens need to remember they have claws and scratch for something substantial. Not for money, it’s an illusion. Not for power, it corrupts. No, something that will right the wrongs made throughout these decades of neglect.

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