Carnegie Skatepark, Grindline Skateparks INC

I remember a time when the nearest legitimate skatepark was a short 3 hour drive in one direction or another.  I’ve travelled far and wide often times jumping a fence to enter the skateboard only park and hit a little bit of transition.  In recent years all of that has changed.  Skateboarders and BMXers don’t necessarily get along but everyone has learned to share and townships and boroughs all over the country are building skateparks of any size you can imagine.

The latest in skateparks planned for the Pittsburgh area is in a little town just outside of the city proper called Carnegie.  This newest park features what they are calling a double bowl connected with a full pipe, a few ledges hand rails and what looks like some quarter pipes way in the back.

The park is to be built by Grindline Skateparks Inc. hailing from Seattle, WA.  I have heard nothing but positive thoughts on these guys.  Word is that not only do they build amazing skateparks but where money are limited they’ve even slept in tents for months to get the project in under budget.  For one of their parks near Pittsburgh check out the Wheeling, OH Skatepark.

I myself am really excited to check the park out and I’m not the only one.  Its the talk of the local skateboard and bmx communities as we speak and the Carnegie Police Chief and Manager Jeff Harbin is already predicting that the skatepark is going to become a destination spot for athletes according to an interview in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.