Anymore there are very few things that really entertain me.  One of those things is watching Dood Computer and Dizzo from Muscle City perform.  I don’t know what they put in the water in Albany, NY whatever it is these dude are chugging gallons of it and it makes them rap like rabid animals.  And just like rabid animals these two are awesome to watch but don’t get to close.

Dood Computer and Dizzo showed up at my door around 5:30 Saturday afternoon.  After the greetings and introductions we got down to business Iron City style.  We had a few beers talked about their drive and tour and we were off to the Z Lounge to load in and get sound checked.

Sound check (if you wanna call it that) went great then we took a walk for some food.  Some giant sandwiches complete with cole slaw and french fries right on the sandwiches were in order and after a few more beers and a couple shots we were back in the venue.

The night feature performances by Stillborn Identity, Real Deal,  Joe Boots, and Basick Sickness.

Stillborn was up first and ripped a decent set I’m proud of him.  I’ve been watching Stillborn grow as an MC for a few years now and I have to say he is coming along pretty damn well.  His stage presence gets better every time I see him perform and he is a damn nice kid.

Big Drastyk was originally scheduled to perform but, due to some unexpected issues made it to the show but, was unable to perform.  Drastyk being the true G that he is brought Real Deal to fill his slot.  If you like battle rap then you know what this cat is all about.  Real Deal showed you everyone why he is quickly coming up on the Grind Time Battle circuit.  If you don’t know peep the post right before this and watch him murder 9DM.

Joe Boots and Basick Sickness followed Real Deal with a performance that is characteristic of the two of them.  The two of them have been preforming together for so long that their stage banter reminds me of an old Jewish couple that has been together for years and still hasn’t stopped pointing out each others short comings.  If you didn’t know better you would think they hate each other and were being forced to be there.  It sounds crazy but it come off well.  Their sets have a tendency to go something like this: Perform a song,  Talk shit on each others whitetrashness (Is that even a word?) Perform a sound make fun of each others drinking ability.  At some point Boots demanded the worst shot of whiskey he could buy specifically to feed to Basick.  The two of them could go on like that for hours. It honestly boggles my mind.

Wrapping up the evening (pun fully intended) Muscle City came complete with outfit changes and their usual in you face style.  To say that these guys perform to the crowd would be an understatement.  These guys perform AT the crowd.  You wanna play the wall in the back that’s cool Dood Computer got you he’ll walk right back to the corner you’re hiding in and spit 16 bars about a half an inch away from your face.  Gotta take a piss forget it he’ll show up in the stall with you and make you his hype man while your dick is in his hand.  Dizzo is a mad man.  With his new hair-do Dizzo looks like Zach Galifianakis except twice as funny and 100 times the party animal.  The two them put on a one hell of a show.  The audience is either by choice or force made to laugh at not only the performer but, themselves as well.  No one is safe.
Thank you to everyone that came out, Lou from Z-Lounge, Kelly from Z-Lounge for keepin the drinks stiff, All the performers and everyone that helped out through out the night.  We can’t do this with out you guys.