Not only bad things have come out of the G20.  I followed a number of different people on twitter while the G20 was going on one of which was @Franktuary.  They are located in downtown Pittsburgh at 325 Oliver Ave in the basement of a church.  They were within first “security” zone which basically gave them front row seats to some of the non-violent protests and a whole lot of cops and security.  So, when Bobby Buckets, the Rog and I decided to check out the main protest on Friday Franktuary became a goal.  First we had to figure out exactly where exactly they are located and second we had to navigate through a sea of protesters spectators and riot police.  It was an adventure.  We finally made it to their door and it was locked…. wah-wah-wah.  There was a sign on the door.  It said to ring the bell of service.  We rang and waited for a while.  The priest from the church came to the door.  He was nice.  He invited us in to wait and said everyone from Franktuary  went to check out the march/protest/parade and they should be back soon.

We hung out for a half hour or so checking out the beautiful old church.  Amazing stained glass windows and everything.  Bobby even took a minute to pray for his own soul.

It was getting later in the day and I had to be at work by six and we had no idea how long or how we were going to get out of downtown. (There were a ton of ways in but only a few ways out.  It made no sense to me) The three of us conferenced for a minute about it and we decided to leave.  We would have to come back another day.

Just as we got to the car about a mile away and totally out of the security zone @Franktuary posted a tweet.  We are back from the protest.

Damn we just missed you I responded.

A few minutes later I got a response back apologizing for missing us etc.

The Rog and I vowed that we would go back once all the nonsense around the G20 calmed down.

A couple days ago we made good on our vow.  Rog and I took a late lunch down to Franktuary.  To be honest I had become attached to them as internet friends and I wanted to meet them and check out the food as well.

Everyone was great.  Rog and I both got the New Yorker it was amazing.

The atmosphere is real chill.  Mellow punk rock plays on the radio and the food is delicious.  I can see why they have won multiple awards.   They have organic beef hot dogs the ingredients are locally sourced if possible and everything is chemical free.  Honestly they are one of the few companies I know of that I feel actually lives up to their mission statement.  That says a lot.  Please don’t take my word for it go check them out for lunch.  You won’t be disappointed.  

The crew at Franktuary cleans up for the day!!


Bobby Buckets prays for his soul.  It’s amazing he didn’t burst into flames!!