Saturday is always a big day for us and with snowboard season around the corner in Pennsylvania preseason rail jams go down almost every weekend.  My friend Gretchen from Peak Ski and Board Center asked us to come through for their First Annual Rail Jam and our friends in Sanctify Her Death were playing a show about 45 minutes away.  We knew this Saturday was going to be crazy from the start.

I wish I could say that the weather cooperated. I wish I could say that it was dumping snow.  I wish I could say it was sunny and 60 and the snow held together but…..  I can’t.  It rained actually it poured and it was cold.  Our spirits were not dampened we hoped for a break in the rain and we got one.

The conditions were about as bad as they can get at Peak but, the kids still came out and still killed it.  The whole time the temperature was plummeting.  Then the rain started again.  Still not cold enough for snow.  Everyone was so excited to ride they didn’t care.  They had to get their preseason riding in.  We joked about the shop making a killing on snowboard and ski tune ups.  It was awesome.  We wrapped things up there with a stop for food with our new and old friends.

We jumped in the cars and took off for the Sanctify Her Death show.  We were late.  Ripping across the country side as fast as we can we get there in the middle of the first bands set.  We were excited to see the guys play and it was a packed house.  These guys put on one of the best shows I have seen in a while.  The crowd was insane.  Dancing, kicking, swinging, and running over anyone that did run them over first.  A great end to a great day.  We walked out of the door after their set and there it was the snow we were waiting for all afternoon.. only 10 hours late.

It was a cold slushie drive home but, what an awesome day.

Adam Henderson steady chillin’.

Gretchen from Peak.

Bobby is tropical.

Adam Henderson taming the dragon.


Can you here me now.

Derek Kovacs – Sanctify Her Death

Matt Kleeman – Sanctify Her Death

Jack Wright – Sanctify Her Death

Matt Sabbath – Sanctify Her Death

Pickin’ up change.