Yesterday while we were on lunch break (a.k.a. mid afternoon bar trip) this was left on the car.

Our car was the only one in the parking lot that had a pamphlet on it. Targeted marketing I guess. It is rather funny that someone decided that we needed to be saved for all intents and purposes we are probably way too far gone anyways. The first paragraph pretty much sums the whole thing up: “Please do not resent us for giving you this tract. We love your soul, and we want to tell you that if you are never born again, you are on your journey to a place where you will burn forever and ever.” The very first line is the best “Please don’t resent us”. Don’t worry we don’t resent you. We just like sex, drugs, and rock n roll a lot more than the prospect of having to spend eternity with you pamphlet guy. You go to hell for the company and heaven for the weather and regardless of how good the weather is, it sucks if you can’t share with your friends. So, thanks for the heads up on the fire and brimstone but, we already have the plane tickets to hell and they are non-refundable. We’ll see you there. I heard the DJ’s are the amazing and O.D.B. runs the club..