When ever I am asked what made me want to design t-shirts and clothing one design and one brand stand out as the first piece that made me say “I want to do this.”  That design was from legendary mid-nineties BMX brand P.U.S.H.  Clothing out of Pittsburgh, PA.  At the time and to this day Pittsburgh was basically ground zero for BMX (bicycle motocross) and P.U.S.H. not only had all of the dopest riders repping their clothes they also had built the ground breaking P.U.S.H. Trails behind their headquarters.  P.U.S.H. was such a player in the BMX game that when ESPN decided that they wanted to feature BMX trail riding in the very first X-Games P.U.S.H. riders not only made up the majority of the competitors in the X-Games BMX Trails Contest but, P.U.S.H. rider and affiliates also built the jumps that the riders would be competing on.  And that design that turned my 16 year old world upside down was the “I Love My Bike” tee below.

P.U.S.H. folded sometime in the early 2000’s but, the legendary company and trails that had broke so much ground quietly slipped away as the key players grew up or moved on to printing for other companies.

Fast forward some 15 odd years and I get a text from Bert at Ink Division explaining that they were rereleasing the P.U.S.H. “I Love My Bike” design.  Bert was one of the people originally involved in the P.U.S.H. movement and I couldn’t think of anyone better suited to carry on that legacy.

I am proud to introduce to the world for the second time P.U.S.H. Clothing and the “I Love My Bike” Tee and I am excited to share a piece of my childhood with all of you.

The P.U.S.H. “I Love My Bike” Tee is available in store only at the Blasfome Store and will be available online early this next week.

Check Out the P.U.S.H. BMX Kill Yourself Jumping Contest Feature from Props Visual Circa 1995 HERE: .