What started as a plan to throw a party in Philadelphia for the debut of our Fall Collection at Pedestrian215 quickly became an mini tour of Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Bobby and I left Pittsburgh Friday morning at 5am so we could get to Philly sometime before Noon.  The drive was extremely draining because neither of us slept Thursday night.  We got to Philly around 11 o’clock, got some breakfast and did some shopping on South St. while we waited for Pedestrian to open and the rest of the crew to arrive from New York.

I had booked my good friend Jayceeoh to DJ the party that night.  He showed up in Philly shortly after us and we met him at Pedestrian around 3 o’clock.  Fubz and Nick arrived shortly after that.  While catching up Fubz tells me that they are going to Baltimore that to see some friends and hang out for a few days and .  I have friends and family in Baltimore, Pedestrian has another store there and Bobby and I don’t have any plans that can’t be cancelled the next day so we decide to hop on for the rest of thier trip after the party.

The party went great.  A ton of heads came through.  My man Icon the Mic King came through I haven’t seen him in almost a year and it was great to catch up.  Andy from Pedestrian was super hospitable, Jayceeoh killed it as he always does and everyone had a great time.  Thanks to everyone that made it happen.

We left Philly after the event and got to Baltimore around 2am.  Fubz and Nick went to meet up with Fubz’s  friend RARAH and Bobby and I went to meet my brother.  Of course both groups stayed up until 4 or 5am catching up and talking about the trip.  Tomorrow was coming early.

We the next morning around 11 and had the morning coffee and a much needed shower.  My brother had to be up and to work even earlier than that and was gone.  I have no idea how he managed to drag himself out of bed.

We got a hold of Fubz and Nick and decide to meet at Pedestrian BMD.  My man Cameron from Non-Stop Signs is friends with Garth that runs Pedestrian in Baltimore so, he takes me and Bobby to the store.  This was my first time in the shop, these guys have a get location on Aliceanna St. and the place is really dope.  Fubz and crew show up a couple minutes after us.  It was a beautiful day so we just chilled outside and kicked it while we waited for Fubz’s good friend Adam Stab he wanted to show us the new store he is opening oddly enough right next to Pedestrian.  I am telling you that street is a hot bed.  If you are ever in Baltimore check it out I promise you won’t go wrong. It is in Fells Point part of Baltimore which is a super cool neighborhood.

We grubbed around the corner at this spot that Adam said had the best Crab Cakes in Baltimore and if you know Baltimore that means they were pretty damn good.

We everyone went there separate ways shortly afterwards.  Bobby and I went to catch up with my brother and some friends and Fubz and crew went to meet up with some other people they know.  It was a great time.

Thanks to everyone that took care of us.  We had a great trip.

The Clothing Release Pedestrian215

Fubz, Icon the Mic King, and Nick

Jayceeoh on the Ones and Twos

I told you the weather was great Bobby outside Saturday morning

Pedestrian BMD

Fubz and Nick outside Pedestrain BMD

Garth from Pedestrian BMD on that mandatory smoke break.

Inside Pedestrian BMD

Rarah and Nick

Adam Stab

Local Baltimore beer Natty Bo and the best crab cakes in Baltimore in the backround.

Cameron from Non-Stop Signs at lunch.