Here in the Blast offices we love ourselves some car racing.  I don’t know what it is about four wheels and a motor but the idea of competition and going fast turns every one of us into a 16 year old kid with his first car.  Its no secret that we have lead feet around here. So, when Cadillac sent over two VIP passes for their track side tent at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and Car Show I was geeked to say the least.

As the day of the race approached I looked for someone to go with I generally try to spread my cool event wealth if I can and my boy TJ the Dj had taken me to a shitload of cool events over the last few months so I figured it was my turn to ante up.  The race started at 8 am which was far to early for TJ and I on a Saturday and if I was going to be drinking Sangira and eating or d’oeuvres in the hot summer sun I wasn’t trying to start any earlier than 11:00.  Of course like a five year olds first trip to Disneyland I was up early and calling TJ to hurry up and get to the crib.  I was excited I love cars.

We got over to the track around 11:00ish and wandered through the car show checking out a ton of really cool whips.  Honestly there were some many cool cars I can’t even pick a few.  Although I will say there are a bunch of guys in Warrendale, PA building some really dope on the cheap super cars complete with tube chassis and 1000hp starting around $70,000 if you have the means I highly recommend them.  They look like they would satisfy and adrenaline junkie’s need for speed.

After the car it was time for food plus it was getting damn hot.  I swear by noon it was 100 degrees F in the shade.  We decided to make our way to the Cadillac tent to get some grub and stock up on some more of the alcohol that was giving u the false illusion of quenching our thirsty while adding to the delusion caused by the soaring temperatures.

Cadillac brought the fury with a huge tent right along side the track with a great view and a ton of food and things to drink.  If we would have went home hungry and sober it wouldn’t have been Cadillac’s fault.  I swear TJ and I cleaned out a whole tray of Swedish Meatballs.  The girls that were serving the booze hooked it up too.  We loaded up with more Sangira some water and a bunch of snacks for the road.  There was more race to be had.

We headed to the top of this big hill to check out the BMW and Jaguar tents.  Its not that hard to get TJ and I to chop it up with a salesman about $100,000 luxo cars and try some seats on for size.  TJ picked the Jag I had my eyes on the Beamer.  Then something caught my eye from about 100 yards away…. The Audi booth.  I love Audi’s and they had more than one RS-8 sitting in the tent as well as their Lemans Car.  I rushed down the other side of the hill leaving TJ half in a Jag half out tryin to catch up.  The heat was starting to get to both of us and I wanted to see these cars before we bounced.  If I had $170,000 lying around the RS-8 would be my first choice great lines and everything Audi’s RS series is known for… being the baddest shit out.  (Message to Audi of America:  If you wanna send me an RS-8 to beat up on for a few days my email is in the contact page on the site.  I’m not picky about color and I promise I’ll return the car unscathed.  The tires will probably be a different story.  Oh and you know I am parking that shit in front of the club and running a hoe train before I give it back.)  TJ and I car-nerded out over the Audi’s for a while and watched a few more laps of the race from right around the Audi booth when we realized we were out of water.  The temperature was soaring into the 90’s and the heat index was so high it felt like the top of every thermometer I saw was going to pop off.  We had, had enough the sun won. It was time to leave.

We swung through the Vitamin Water booth and grabbed some Smart Water for the road and we were on our way.  It was around 3:00 and we were both in desperate need of a nap and some AC.


These little buggies aren’t the fastest things on earth but, goddamn are they fun to watch.


Look BAD ASS up in the dictionary and there is a picture of this Audi Leman’s car and Chuck Norris.  (When this car reaches top speed Chuck Norris cries like a girl)