Saturday was the last event in the year long celebration of Pittsburgh’s 250 years. We at Blast had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of that celebration during the BONICS ON THE BRIDGE event in July so we were really excited to see what the city would do for the last event.

They ran events all day but, the highlight was one of the craziest fireworks displays ever. It is hard to explain how wild everything was. People were clinging to the side of Mt. Washington just to get a better view. Traffic was a disaster. The weather was perfect and clear and you really couldn’t have asked for a better night. The following photos and video were taken from the top of Mt.Washington overlooking the city the quality isn’t amazing as they were shot from a camera phone but, we couldn’t resist giving you a taste of whatcha missed. Our favorite is the one with the people standing on the ledge. Standing room only was an understatement.