Every once in a while we get sent some new shit to check out around the office, usually its some type energy drink or flavored water, Stuart from Killzone Records sent over the debut album from POWERDRIVE called FREEDOM OF SPEECH (available on itunes now).

I check out the cover art like the packaging on one of those cans of energy drink,  crazy skull on the front I already like where this is going.    I read through the track listing like the ingredients on the back of that can of all natural cola.  Final Chapter, Laid to Rest…. Self Determination….track 7 BLAST!  These guys are talking my langauge.  I sync the whole thing to my ipod smoke a L and go for a ride.

I am driving down the road.  Powerdrive is on the ipod.  My foot edges towards the floor in my very stock very daily driven Honda Accord this is not the car to have a lead foot in but, I just can’t help myself.  This album rips.  I push my foot to the floor.  The sixteen year old daredevil in me is proud.  Lets see if thing thing can do triple digits.  Fuck it we’ll live.  I know it sounds corny as shit.  Seriously this album makes me wanna jump off of shit in that I don’t know what the fuck I am doing but, I am invicible kind of way.  It’s the kind of album that you drink a fifth of jack and jump 4×4 trucks in the woods while your boys sits in the bed screaming the lyrics to Dead Silence over the boom box speakers.

For best results I recommend that you mix this album with a field party, bonfire, four kegs of Natty Ice (stash the O.E. Forties in the cab of your boy’s pick-up for yourselves), 20 of the craziest fucks you know and four Very Lifted 4×4 trucks.