It’s the winter time and that means cold conditions and snow.  Not exactly the best conditions for putting time in at the range.  When I don’t shoot for long periods of time I get rusty.  Well the best way not to get rusty, is to stay active.  I try to shoot at least once a month at an indoor range in the winter.  If you don’t know of an indoor range, get on google and search.  You will find one close to you.

My favorite one in the Pittsburgh area is A&S Indoor Pistol Range in Youngwood, PA.  It is a little bit of a drive, but definitely worth it.  It is inexpensive and you can use your own ammo at the range.  Pistols only though.  You can only shoot rimfire rifles.  No high powered rifles or shotguns.  If you don’t have ammo to take with you, You can also buy ammo there, and it is affordable.  I have been there many times and the guys working there have been very helpful and nice.  Great place to keep your skills up to par over the long winter months.

For this weeks Gun of the week I decided to go with the Beretta 92F or M9.

It is a semi automatic 9mm pistol.  The 92F/M9 has a double stacked high capacity magazine of 15 rounds.  It replaced the M1911A1 as the primary pistol for the armed forces in 1985.  It also was in pretty much every action movie from 1980-1995.  I remember as a little kid loving that gun, because every bad ass in the movies used it.  Just think about all of your favorite action movies from that period, and almost every hero used this pistol.