Blasfome Free Music Friday

Here at Blasfome we have a consistent orb of talent around us.  Producers and artists have transitioned from networking connects to friends and confidants.  On any given day you could find our office splitting at the seams with rappers, MC’s, DJ’s, and producers. (Please, allow me to gush in the perks of my job for once!) Owning and managing a streetwear brand is a persistent taxing grind that demands you be smack in the middle of today’s trends.  Blasfome is influenced not only by trends of skateboarding and tattooing culture, but by the heavy surge of underground hip-hop trends.  Fortunately for us, the forerunners of this trend follow us, and they leave behind some pretty sweet gifts!  Presenting Free Music Friday’s – Our way of giving you a little taste of what we chow on everyday.  A weekly introduction to the music and artists we listen to, from the artists, and for free!

We are kicking off the first Free Music Friday with the latest release from RayDawn Controlled Chaos 2.  RayDawn is a Pittsburgh native who boasts “law school dropout” as a battle cry, choosing to chase his musical dreams rather slave through “white-collar conformity”.  Judging by the album work you can say he considers himself somewhat of a James Bond type, which I cant dispute.  Lyrically hes bold and charismatic.  His beats bring a down south feel to his quick laced rhymes, and he’s always on the move.  This past weekend RayDawn made his second appearance at A3C in Atlanta (see Varsity Squad Tryouts Episode 5 for a cameo).  Hes currently working on his next project titled Passport Dreams set to come out early next year which you will be sure to find right here on Free Music Fridays!

Download Controlled Chaos 2 Here. 

RayDawn Controlled Chaos 2