I have been swamped under work and clients for the last few weeks so, swamped that I haven’t had a chance to post anything to the blog on a regular basis.  While I have been trying to dig my way out there have been a couple really dope things that have happened at the store.  If you haven’t seen it yet the Antuks Movement filmed Cypher #30 at the Blasfome Store one day before our grand opening.  If you haven’t seen the cypher this is what hip-hop is all about.  You can check it out HERE. Check out the behind the scenes photos below.

Then on a random Tuesday an art show randomly showed up at our front door.  The guys from FIND ART Magazine are driving the country in a box truck on a tour to find art and show the people they meet the dope shit they have found.  They’re box truck is equipped with  a fold down side that basically turns into a stage and converts the truck into their mobile art gallery while they are stationary.  For on the go the side of the box truck is folded back up and they’re off to the next location.  We had a great time and they Find Art Box Truck got a free face lift.  Check out the Find Art site and see if they’re coming to your town.  Its a great time.