Last summer I hot this one some where in Utah.  My brother Mike and I had pulled over to get gas at this random spot in the desert I believe it was before green river Utah. There was literally nothing around except for the gas station and this sign.

While getting gas we were approached by this old hippie dude wrinkled and weathered like he got lost wandering the desert with Jim Morrison in the 60’s and has been out there ever since.  He startled us a little as he approached asking if the two of us were happy hippies.  I wasn’t exactly sure what he was getting at I panicked a little and said yes.  Mike stared at him and then stared at me as if saying non verbally why would you say that now we have to talk to him.

The hippie continues towards the car.  I am sitting in the drivers seat trying to make my way between the pump and the door but, he gets there before I can get out.  Its hard to hear what he is saying now. The wind is blowing and there is a storm coming in.

He whispers about a foot from me like there is no such thing as personal space.  “Do you think you can spare an old hippie some.”


“Some weed man”

“No we don’t have any.” (Total lie)

“Aw man are you sure? Cause its hard to find out here in the desert and even harder to grow man if you know what I mean.”

He knows I’m lying.  I gotta get rid of him.

Mike pipes up “Naw man we don’t have anything.”

The hippie looks at both of us discouraged and gives some basic travel instructions.  Something about it being good we got gas here because Green River is pretty far away or something along those lines.  At this point I finally free myself from the car as the hippie decides he is fighting a losing battle with us and gives up. He tells us safe to have a safe trip and finally goes away.

Free from the hippie and the car I walk straight up to the this sign and shoot three photos of it.  This I believe is the second of the three.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it the to Silver Grill Cafe.  Judging from the general disrepair of the sign as everything around us we kind of assumed it would be open anyways.  Plus we needed to keep it moving there was a storm coming through and the desert is not a good place to be traveling when it rains.