On average I shoot somewhere between 500 to 1000 photos a month.  I know most of you probably shoot more photos at the bar than that but, I come from the era of film when that shit cost money.  Most of what I shoot never sees the light of day either because I hate it or I don’t have anyway to use it right at the moment.  Long story short I have been going through photos lately and figured what the hell, I could put some of this up on the site.

These are the first two more to come. 

Both of these photos were shot at this random spot on the side of the highway in Utah somewhere between Vegas and Aspen.  I honestly have no idea where we were.  I honestly can’t even tell you if it was before or after I got pulled over for speeding.  We were probably six hours deep in a ten hour drive and four hours deep into a serious session of Stoner Rock and Norwegian Black Metal.   It was Bigley, Jesse and Steve from Isvera and myself.  All four of us had neglected sleep or comfort for the last 72 hours for one reason or another and probably deeper into the adventure than any of us should have been.  The first picture I actually shot after the second photo.  We were getting back into the car after we geeked over the view and I snapped this picture of Steve from Isvera right before we jumped back into the car.  The second photo more or less speaks for itself.