Dave Blasfome Clubloose ii drifitngThe past few weekends have been pretty busy.  Starting with back to back Clublooseii Drift events.  I personally didn’t make it to Midvale.  Family obligations kept me sidelined that Sunday, so our shop kid Christian filled in for me behind the lens.

The following Saturday, Clublooseii was at it again.  This time we were at Pittsburgh International Raceway (PIR).  This time we were down Bobby Buckets, someone had to stay behind and man the store.  We decided on the drive to the track that Christian was going to man the camera again.  Figuring it would be more practice filming for him and I could take on a role that always seems so foreign to me… being in front of the camera.

Drifting at PIR is done on a skid pad through cones which is basically a parking lot with a shit load of road cones marking out the course.  While this takes away from a lot of the excitement with walls and grass it offers a great way for beginners to learn how to drift without any real risk of major damage to their cars.  For more advanced drivers cone courses are a great way for them to really get to feel out the limits of their cars.  Unfortunately for those of us that help organize drifting events cone courses mean we have to get to the track earlier than usual to set up the cones and then someone has to shag the cones that the drivers plow through all day.

This still of me is from some footage Christian was shooting while we were riding around on the back of Wagner’s pick-up setting up cones in the morning.  Its Christian’s first photo we have published on the site.  He has been busting his ass filming all summer and he earned it.

There won’t be a video this month from the Clubloose ii events at Midvale and PIR because we are starting to build a log of footage for the up coming full length Blasfome video and we wouldn’t want to spoil it.