On Thursday night I had a meeting with DJ Bonics and DJ McFly from KissFM about a mixtape download that we are working on. (I will have more details for you in the future.) After the meeting Bonics had a remote broadcast from the club and I decided to come along for the ride.

Remote broadcasts are dope. Put simply whatever is going on in the club both musically and over the microphone gets broadcast over the air except for five minute commercial breaks that someone on the other end of what amounts to a supercharged phone line counts the DJ’s in and out of. Any conversation over the microphone, any music, etc. Which is cool but, weird. Standing in the DJ booth every few seconds you hear over the monitor 4 minutes…. 3 minutes 30 seconds…. 3 minutes…. and so on. At which point the DJ punches in the Outro or the Intro for the commercial break and the guy on the other end cues the the commercials or stops them. The cool thing is the music is so loud everywhere else in the club that the audience can’t hear it so the night proceeds like normal. All of this is done with this the teal green colored box that kind of resembles a movie prop bomb from a Bond movie. Of course Bonics and Scottro being the show men that they are kill it twice as hard on these nights and I got a first hand look at it that night.

Wallet, Keys, Cell Phone…

Bonics setting up the remote broadcast.

Scottro and the radio broadcast equipment or as like to call it “the bomb”

Testing One, Two, Three.

The man at work.

“…And someone is giving liquor to these animals”