I hate going to get the mail with everything coming through email now-a-days it seems like the only thing that the postman drops off is bills… and who likes bills certainly not me.  However, I went to the mailbox just the other day and I was surprised by the latest copy of SLAMMED MAGAZINE.

SLAMMED is a cool BMX based full color ‘zine style magazine.  They are a young up start this being their second issue but, they are bringing it on full force with articles ranging from product reviews to rider interviews and my personal favorite girls… gotta love the girls. This month features a tech article on tires, rider interviews from Mike Arnold and Andy Erickson and a photo spread with Canadian Cutie Corri Riczu.  It’s like a mini version of Maxim but, for guys the ride BMX.

For more info on SLAMMED hit em up at slammedmagazine@hotmail.com.  Tell em BLAST sent ya…