It is a new concept to me to actually have a day off let alone have scheduled days off each week.  To put it as simply as possible I have no idea what to do when I’m not at the store, mainly because I love what I do.  Fortunately this past Thursday on my day off I ran into Dan Meyers and Sledgren while stopping through Timebomb for my weekly stop to shoot the shit and catch up with what’s going on in the East End of Pittsburgh.

A couple hours later I was chilling with Uncle Arlo when I got a call from Meyers asking if I wanted to swing through the photo shoot he was doing with Sledgren, Big Lonn and Motor from Taylor Gang by the river in the South Side.  Never one to turn down a chance to drink some beer by the river I looked at Uncle Arlo and asked him if he wanted to come with me already knowing his answer would be yes.

We rolled to the South Side stopping to grab 40oz on the way.  From my experience photo shoots go best when the camera and photographs are secondary to everyone having a good time.  This shoot was the perfect example of that and turned out to be the perfect day off.  We all cut up and talked about fishing and Verified Twitter Accounts and I think Uncle Arlo found himself a new drinking buddy with Big Lonn.

Myself (Dave Blasfome)

Sledgren wearing the Laser Sight Red Sunglasses 

Big Lonn

Motor, Big Lonn and Uncle Arlo (Future Drinking Team?)

Sledgren, Motor, Big Lonn


Photos By: Dan Meyers.