Editor- Seez Mics from Educated Consumers sent this over.  A little blog post action about their tour with Eyedea and Abilities…


As you know, we recently toured with the homeys Eyedea & Abilities and Kristoff Krane.

Many people have asked Jason and I, “So… how was the tour?”

Instead of giving you a boring rundown of life-altering experiences and the intense emotional encounters we inevitably have with fans, we present the following list of crazy things that happened… OR DID THEY?

So… how was the tour?

Great, until…

…Cole used his sandwich as the EZ pass.

…A girl asked “Are you as bad at sex as you are at a live performance?”

…We parallel parked in a sewer.

…Icon asked to be on the guest list via Twitter. Just do it the old fashioned way and text me.

…Nobs’ cat broke into his house and robbed us.

…Cole went from city to city disappointing the shit out of people.

…Jason threw garbage on his crotch, killed a man, then said “That’s what I’m going to do to your face earlier!”

…Our poo brew broke.

…We realized AIDS is worse than herpes.

…We told drug dealers to check out the “Uhh Yea Dude” podcast.

…Cole quit rap to become a New York street ball legend.

…Jason pointed out Cole saying he wants to fuck a MILF is redundant.

…We weren’t on the guest list at the Jersey toll booth.

…Tim Horton’s and Bob Evans stopped serving oatmeal at 11 a.m.

…The cop had a brother in D.C.

…The food smelled and tasted like my feet.

…K littered in Toronto.

…Kris gave his credit card number to the infomercial, which frightened and confused Cole.

…Mikey burned the money.

…Max dunked on Cole.

…A mountain started killing cats.

…We watched “Short Circuit 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

So there’s that.

A few house-keeping items and we’re finished:

Big shouts to Dave from Blastfome (http://www.blastclothingusa.com/wordpress) for the dope shirts and moral support.

As always, many thanks to Joelle Nicolette for her wonderful photography (http://joelle-nicolette.blogspot.com/).

Respect due to E&A (myspace.com/eyedeaandabilities) for bringing us along, Kristoff Krane (myspace.com/kristoffkrane) for the fresh ginger and yoga poses, and Brady for having awesome hair. Thanks to Laura, we will be joining our Minnesota brethren in their stomping grounds for the “Building Better Bridges” tour August 18 – 21. You can tell a mid-western friend via the invite page: http://tinyurl.com/buildingbetterbridges.

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