I know nobody wants to hear this, let alone read it, but there’s more to life than money. Detractors will say this is the rant of a man without any, and they are right. I am far from rich. My home is a 300 square foot apartment, and my car is a single-gear bicycle. In truth I own nothing of monetary value. My black tie is a white tee, and the blood I bleed is as blue as mud.

Be that as it may my wallet doesn’t weigh me down, because as I’ve already stated, “there’s more to life than money.” However it is difficult to contextualize what exactly this “more” is. Nevertheless, I will attempt to do exactly that. First of all it is not those one word answers parents and preachers have offered us. It is not God, Family, or Pride in all its forms. In fact, it is not within any answer. Like Neo sitting at his cubicle, enlightenment comes with the question.

What is the nature of the universe? What is its purpose? By what process does it change? Does any of it matter… is any of it real? Perhaps none of it is, and all of this is fantasy. This genre I know well, it’s been my Virgilian guide. Take the Lord of the Rings for example, a parallel existence filled with possible solutions. Like Frodo many of us know of others who have embarked on epic journeys, and living in their shadow we fail to see we are on our own. Furthermore, the pain about our necks keeps us from seeing all the progress that we’ve made.

Yet, with every step into the darkness the more it all becomes clear. The good is not completely so, and neither is the bad. Binary beliefs begin to fall, and like Inception we thereafter reconstruct more diverse and detailed outlooks. This causes us to return to infant like actions. It takes time to see the world in a new way. Like Deckard in Blade Runner we become aggressive with our new discoveries. Force feeding our complexities into the mouths of troubled bellies.

But this “Roy Batty” syndrome is what proceeds nirvana. We wanted more, we asked the questions, and went on our journey with burdens for baggage. Regardless we kept on walking and by doing so were strong armed into opening up. After being pushed we pushed back thinking the strike to be edifying. In truth the bolt isn’t what widened our third-eye, but the light it nudged us into. Like Roy Batty, it will finally dawn on us that not only is there more to life, it’s like nothing we ever expected. Beautiful, poetic, and ultimately cleansing; it comes via unforeseen means and after an incredible quest. Nonetheless it comes if you’re willing to look for something more.