Blasfome introduces the upcoming spring 2012 collection with the release of their Spring 2012 Delivery 1 lookbook. This season’s first delivery is marked with influences from automotive racing and culture which were a large part of Blasfome’s founder Dave Bartek’s childhood.

“These designs are a reflection of our renewed venture into automotive sports.”  Explains Dave, whom is the brands founder and designer.  “I wanted to remind everyone that Blasfome encompasses all types of culture, beyond hip-hop and streetwear.”

The lookbook opens with a long sleve version of a familiar Blasfome favorite the “Keystone Hate” design.  “Blasfome” is printed in bold down the sleeves, bringing us back to the days of heavy metal concert merchandise.

The design is paired with the “A Taste of Japan” tee in black and red worn by Blasfome’s Bobby Buckets.  “This (design) was inspired by Japanese steakhouses and nuclear tragedy, a real tribute to the Americanization of Japanese culture.” Dave explains.

The third piece in the collection is a racing inspired “Blasfome Wreath” in an electric blue and orange. “Trophy wreaths are found in all forms of racing, we wanted to give the fans our version.” States Dave.

Dave explains the last piece of the collection, “The “No Trend Riding” tee is not only our slogan for the Spring 2012 collection, but the guts of this brand.  We hope to inspire all of our fans to follow their own path.”

The Spring 2012 Delivery 1 Collection is a mix of long sleeved and short sleeved tee’s, with all designs printed on 100% cotton shirts.  In typical Blasfome fashion designs are printed on black, with the short sleeved “A Taste of Japan” hailing the only design printed on white.

The BLASFOME Spring 2012 Delivery 1 collection will be available Saturday February 25th in stores, and online at