Squirt and David Bellomo U.S. Drift round 4

Squirt u.s. drift round 4

Round Four of the U.S. Drift Series has come and gone.  I’m guessing that the weather had a little bit to do with the lack of coverage.  From what I understand it was a rainy weekend at the track and that will keep away even the most determined of photographers, so bare with us on our coverage.

I just got off of the phone with Squirt.  I’m a week late announcing this, but we seem to be beating anyone else’s coverage.

Squirt qualified Second in the rain.  Wet conditions are always hard to adjust for and things were looking good.  Until the weather decided to change directions for the finals.  What works in the wet generally doesn’t work in the dry and that would show in Squirt’s Fifth Place Finish.  He still managed to finish Third overall in points for the season.  With the third place finish Squirt has earned his for a Formula D license next season.  We’ll be seeing him run with the big dogs next year. Check out the picture of Squirt, James Evans and Geoff Stoneback.  Third, Second and First Place Points Finishers respectively.

A huge Congratulations to Squirt.

Photo: Driving Photo Courtesy of David Bellomo.