Normally I would have some sort of ridiculous post about how much fun St. Patrick’s Day was etc.  Instead I want to talk about the coolest new businesses to hit the streets in Pittsburgh.

Bobby Buckets, Rusty and I took a walk into the chaos that was/is Carson St. in Pittsburgh’s South Side on St. Patrick’s Day.  More or less it is a war zone of drunken fools, party people, and locals ducking for cover. We wandered around for a couple of hours trying to get a good view of the debauchery and were way too lazy to walk back to the house.  After a few failed attempts to get a ride from friends of ours that were going in the opposite direction we needed to go we happened upon a dude on a bike with three person backseat and a driver.  Perfect!  We all fit.  After a brief negotiation with the driver/rider??? A ten dollar fee was agreed on and we hopped in.

As we were pedaled off Rusty sparked some conversation with driver.  The company is called Green Gears Pedicab. The company’s big launch was actually during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade earlier on that day. The whole thing is a really great idea.  Instead of taking a cab from one place to another when it is a short and hopefully for the driver flat distance you hop in for a few bucks they will pedal you to where ever you need to go.  Such a sweet deal.

The cool thing is that although this form of transportation isn’t very popular in the U.S. the rest of the world has been traveling short distances like this forever.  It is super convient, green enough for all of you hybrid drivers and it you can get where you need to go pretty quickly.

Bobby Buckets bicycle pimpin’

Screw horsepower this thing has man power.

Bobby had that much fun getting pedaled around.