This past Saturday my room mate Evan from EVAN SHOT YA threw out the first pitch at the Pirates game.  Evan works for Trib Total Media as a photographer and was there to represent the paper on Trib Total Media Ryan Doumit Bobble Head Day.  Evan’s girlfriend Jillian, DJ McFly and myself went along with him to cheer him on.

Watch Evan’s Pitch HERE:
Evans pitch on

Evan wanted to take pictures while he was throwing the pitch.

Literally the first time Evan has touched a baseball in ten years.

I always forget to take pictures of myself.

Of course we put a hurtin’ on the bar.  DJ McFly, Myself, Jillian, and Mr.Fastball Evan Shot Ya.  (photo courtesy of EVAN SHOT YA.)

The Buccos won 10 – 0.  Definitely something to be excited about. DJ McFly and Myself. (photo courtesy of EVAN SHOT YA.)

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