Nonsense has been confused with common sense as of late. Ignorance is bliss, but happiness had with ease is hardly lasting. Luckily the latest batch of celluloid is set to smack some sense into people. Life is not something to stumble through, but something to fight for. The Hunger Games teaches this lesson via its story of a post-apocalyptic America under a vengeful hegemony. Therein the protagonist is a pawn, but instead of moving about as asked she skips to forbidden squares. However, Katniss Everdeen isn’t the only inspiring rebel out there, and The Hunger Games isn’t the only food-for-thought being devoured. If you haven’t already heard about Iko Uwais and The Raid: Redemption allow me to introduce you.

Martial artist Iko Uwais trained for years to perfect his craft. By the age of twenty-two he’d become the national champion, and two years later was approached to take his talents to the silver screen. His first film stormed the Pacific, and his latest film is currently whirling through the Western world. Under the tutelage of director Gareth Evans, Uwais leads and co-choreographs the adrenaline fuelled adventure. The Raid: Redemption is the story of an elite police force tasked to take down a criminal hideout. Storeys of armed men stand ready to strike, but one cop refuses to be slain.

Rama is a young recruit unwilling to acquiesce into corruption. He is a good man in an evil world trying to do what’s right. However, when his world becomes a hellish high-rise his resolve is tested relentlessly. In reality life is no different.

When we are young the world is a beautiful place filled with flights of fancy. As we age the bright colors fade and the exciting music falters. Fools would have us believe that the world was better once upon a time, and that it somehow slipped into a deplorable state ever since adolescence. The truth is the world hasn’t suddenly accelerated towards anathema, it’s always been a sweet sundae dipped in evil. All that has changed is personal perspective. Age affords us with a wider view of the world, and we should not turn a blind eye to what we see. As adults we have a responsibility to face the impossible and overcome it. Though many choose the quick fix that nefarious acts afford, those that fight for more earn more in the end.

Struggle will be had at every step, but that doesn’t mean you run the other way. Rama faces this dilemma often in the film. After defeating insurmountable odds he is given the easy way out, yet he declines the option believing his duty more important than his well-being. Its nonsense to assume that the easy way out is the right one, take the leap of faith that though life is hard it’s worth fighting for.

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