8 Ball Coast 2 Coast Poker Run

8 Ball Coast 2 Coast Poker Run

Some time ago we were inviting maniacs onto the roster for the Blasfome Ten Foot Tall and Bullet Proof Club.  A.K.A. the insane mother fuckers that we sponsor, we consider them kindred spirits.  One of those maniacs is a wild man named Taylor Durdan.  Durdan responded to our invitation with multiple videos of him acting like a straight fool in automobiles and regular drunken party pictures that make Bobby Buckets look like an amateur partier.  To say the least he fit right in.

About a week ago Durdan hits me up saying he needs me to send him a copy of the Blasfome logo as large as I can.

My response was a curious “Sure! What do you need it for?”

Durdan’s answer went something like: “I’m hosting this poker run and you’re my sponsor so you’re sponsoring it.”

And that is how I found out about The 8 Ball Coast 2 Coast Poker Run.

Here are some details for all of you adrenaline junkie automobile racing party animals.

The 8 Ball Coast 2 Coast is a 5 stop poker run from a currently undisclosed starting point in Florida (TBA shortly before event) and ending in Daytona Beach on Saturday, April 6th, 2013.

The event will also include a 5 item scavenger hunt. Each item (of which there is only one of – so get there first!) will be worth a wildcard on your poker hand!!

Each paid entry (one entry per driver/car) will get you a custom 8 Ball Coast 2 Coast t-shirt, sticker, flyer and other misc shwag! Each sponsor will also be handing out their own brand on nonsensical shwag for you to covet until the end of days!

Sponsors include:  Blasfome, PBR, The Bricks of Ybor, 1603 Tattooing, Redline Design Custom Graphics and more TBA

Note: If you are a passenger in a car, you cannot participate in the poker hand unless you also purchase an entry. One poker hand per paid entry (cards to be supplied day of event)


More info at www.whoisdurdan.com

Email any questions to: 8ballcoast2coast@gmail.com