Five months into twenty-twelve and Aeon’s Flight has finally accomplished something noteworthy. My titled quest was designed to bring depth to my writing, and this piece marks my effort. Over a month ago I began plotting a trilogy, a three-part blog utilizing a trio of films to discuss an epiphany. It all started with Open the Gates. Employing The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, it posited the belief in a grand dichotomy, and spoke of it in terms of Imagination Vs Fear. Next up was The Sleeper Must Awaken, (centering on Dune). Therein the discussion was advanced, and the importance of self-awareness was highlighted.

These axioms can also be found within the movie The Fifth Element. Beginning at the turn of the twentieth century, the first scene see’s an archeologist in Egypt making an incredible discovery. Before a wall of runes he learns from an ancient faith: every 5000 years a Great Evil comes to destroy the earth, and the Good arises from its slumber to fight it. Nearly 500 years later the sleeper is awakened, and her name is Leeloo. She’s a divine being from a time before time, dropped into rush hour and forced to learn quickly.

In studying the entirety of human history she is presented with a predicament; that which she was sent to protect seeks to destroy itself. Self-awareness occurs afterwards, and she begins to see her inability to save humanity despite being created to do so.

Success cannot be stimulated without reason. Clarity needs to be constructed in order to realize why it is we must do something. Reflecting upon the Munchausen discoveries made in part one, we must first imagine a better reality in order to overcome the fear that we cannot create one.  Then, as part two suggests, we’ve got to dig a little deeper like Paul Atreides in Dune. Search our souls and find the elements needed to realize that which we’ve imagined.

Four in fact: honesty, integrity, patience, and dignity. Attributes difficult to acquire, hard to adhere to, but ultimately they are priceless. However, personal discoveries can only take one so far. Like Leeloo before the apocalypse, salvation isn’t earned alone. In the film it comes at the confession of her companion. The Good defeats Evil because a man admits he loves a woman. To many this seems foolish, that the fifth element ensuring eternity would be something as sappy as love. At different times the film’s director has confessed it could also be life or even sex. This is understandable as sex creates life… but it does not protect it.

Thus, I conclude this trilogy with a confession of my own. Sap sticks and sits below the surface we all hide behind. It holds the globe together, as well as all of us. The world is six billion hearts beating for a reason. My own finds inspiration in the rhythm of another’s.