Birthed from adversary this blog has nevertheless persevered. Once it meant the world to me, and now it is the only glimpse of my life I give the world. This recent glance comes from my recent past. In early September I stumbled into a late night discussion about life and its inner-workings. Communion of this kind often leads to personal insights properly uttered, and I was graced with such during the aforementioned exchange. My companion and I had ventured into tender territory, that of wayward souls well known to us, and I was asked for my opinion on the issue. Being a prodigal son myself, I replied with a loaded response, “There is ever the need for a rebel.” And thereafter I explained myself. I will do now as well, but this time, (as is my habit here), I will do so by filtering it through a cinematic lens.

In late September I returned to the Mormon Mecca to visit my parents. The land of the free and home of the brave is ever in my heart, and so are my parents. That said Southern Ontario is where my heart is, and whenever I fly north again the truth of this is clear. It was crystal on my return flight as I was up in the air watching “The Hunger Games.” Having never seen the film I was excited to. And as I watched it the conversation I mentioned above came back to me.

The Character “Katniss Everdeen” is a true rebel in my opinion. For starters she is an anomaly, and naturally so. Her world is one of order, organized in a way that even its counter-points can be found under its umbrella. In other words the good, bad and otherwise are accounted for. Kat is the only honest opposition out there, unbeknownst to her and everyone else. As I said, she is a rebel, and is so via force not fiction. Many a teenager fancies themselves as Spartacus because of some illicit drinking and seed-sowing. Bending the rules is not rebellion, nor is breaking them. Rebellion is re-writing them. And that is exactly what Kat does, with an unintentional stroke from a poetical pen.

Rebels in their essence don’t destroy, they renew. With an eye unaffected by the common focus they see something so unique, and so clearly so that they bring it into being. My parents’ territorial residence is a testament to this fact. America is a rebellious vision made real. However not all revolutionary sights are politically based. Like Katniss Everdeen there are those that fight for love. They contest against all that besets them in the name of something others don’t understand.

There is no question that I am a hopeless romantic, but whether or not I am a rebel is a subject to debate. Nevertheless two things are abundantly clear: the world needs love, and the world needs rebels.