All of this “Libraic Thinking” has provided me with a sense of self-awareness. Like the scales, the one is brought to attention by the other. For example when frustrated by the other, the self is witnessing its own weakness. When enamored by the other, it is recognizing its counterpoint. Far too often we struggle to hit those high notes, and while strumming the lows, fail to understand them. Timeless tunes like a Life of Love are impossible to play without the pains of practice. And so the goal is evident, practice until perfect and play with purpose.

Goals: golden bricks paving the way to paradise, gained through sacrifice like Joe’s in Looper. For a back loaded with riches all Joe has to do is pump his chest full of lead, his future self’s chest to be specific, (a man with goals all his own). In this rare case the self is also expressly the other, and though their goals appear conflicting, in essence they’re everything but. Being two sides of the same they’re connected by their desire to live. Not simply another day, but to escape the cycle of the similar. And how do these two find that new frontier, with the help of another.

The 3rd option: not one nor the other, but the two intertwined. Sort of like tragicomedy, better known as farce. For those that don’t enjoy the theater, the farce is a play in which the plot depends upon a skillfully exploited situation rather than upon the development of character. Ben Affleck’s “Argo” is exactly so. Based off an article about an under the radar event, it is the story of how a fake movie saved six souls in Iran. Discussing the Middle-East is no easy effort; America has ever been at odds with Iran; both in the wrong for their rights. But this film’s a farce, where morality’s aside and the action’s center stage. Perhaps this is how one finds the new frontier. Not by weighing the options, but by doing something. After all six people were saved because another took a risk.

Risk… that’s how this all started.

For weeks I’ve been playing with ideas and going to the cinema with them in mind. This recent stretch has been the result. Wherein so much has stirred within me, and spilled out of my pen. As flowery as I’ve phrased it all it’s still been hard to say. Yet, I’ve said it, and I’m glad I did. Glad to go to the theater again next week and find a way to speak my mind. Or maybe find my heart.