The internationally known  iStandard Producers Showcase was hosted in Pittsburgh for two nights at District 3 on the Southside. We at Blasfome support a number of local artists, so it was exciting for us to be able to see a new up and coming producer named Aus10.
A teenager from just south of the burgh, Aus10 (Government name Austin Paris) started producing hip hop beats two years ago.¬† iStandard was the first show he has done, so its very impressive that he placed in a competition with other artists that have been making music for years. Brick Diggler (Owner of Timebomb, Blasfome’s crazy uncle) was the one who told Aus10 to enter the competition, and it just went uphill from there.

Aus10s sound is original hip hop yet modern at the same time. He mixes old school beats with new school sounds that can easily fit in with several genres of Hip Hop. While discussing music with Aus10, he filled me in on his musical influences. Along with being inspired by Hip Hop heavyweights Notorious BIG, Tupac, Dr Dre, and Easy E, he is also fond of new artists that have made it big. “I look at artist such as soulja boy for example” says Aus10, “I said to myself he made 100 million off “crank that” and figured it wasnt hard to make a beat so I tried it out.”

Aus10 loves his city and feels that the music has grown so much over the years that he was inspired to make a name for himself in the Hip Hop scene. An original Pittsburgh producer, Aus10 is extremely talented and will only grow as an artist over the next few years. This is definitely a producer to look out for..