As of late it seems I can’t escape what I call “Libraic Thinking.” Perhaps it’s because the scales shined brightly on the night of my birth, perhaps it’s just my latest obsession. No matter I continue to wrestle with the idea in this week’s edition. My bouts with bravery and faith

aside it’s high time for more troubling matters.

Everyone wants to be a hero, but where are all the bad guys? The Ying must have its Yang else its existence is illusory. This thought preceded my recent trek to the cinema, and there I watched Wreck-It Ralph while it stewed.

Disney Animation’s latest installment is about the pseudo-golden age game, “Fix-It Felix Jr.”.  Its title character is the antithesis to Felix, and this labels him the heel. However, no one wants to be the villain, and neither does old Ralph. Thus, in second act he endeavors at last to perform the hero’s duty. Just like Heracles this laborious undertaking is penitential as well as rewarding. The latter arrives after he accepts the truth regarding himself: he is the libertine. The free soul that like the Ying and Yang recognizes not only does the good need the bad, but also that the bad exists within the good.

The film I saw thereafter gave this harmony new form. Ultimately this has been the focus behind this feat. The underlying motive for my writing, to find a third option; the discovery of which came while watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Therein the lead finds solace in the unexpected, just as he once found tragedy amidst similar circumstances. In the end it’s his acceptance of what happens that sets him apart, not the opposing acts. To allow what once occurred to determine what will come is the acquiescence of the weak. So too do flimsy fools allow their nature to matter more than their spirit. Hero or villain the two are no different, only those individuals who see this are. To admit that there is a divine union between the polarizing forces is what I feel equates to the third option. One must accept that life isn’t fair, it is unfolding. No one can control it, where it goes there is no knowing. What matters is no longer so, the meanings have all changed. Not good, not bad, but the symphony of the unexplained.

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