Words are wind, and too often the air is stuffy with complaint. When we are young our mothers tell us that if we do not have anything nice to say than we should not say anything at all. When left with silence we forget this good advice and begin to bitch.

Yet, we know better. We know such conversation is cheap, (talk is said to be so). Nevertheless we persist with pointless drivel. Why? Why do we feel so entitled, so warranted in expressing our superiority? We drown in discussions about injustice. Why? Is our failure truly someone else’s fault? Is our unhappiness really the result of someone else’s actions? As clear as our case against our oppressors may appear it’s unlikely crystal.

Before our warring words are the thoughts that create them. Inside our minds rests the roots of the speech that sprouts from our mouths. That said, not every branch bears fruit, and not every seed sees sunlight. Meaning, not everything we say is worthwhile, and not everything we think is spoken.

In the movie Jerry Maguire, its title character has a similar epiphany after a child confronts his morals. They say that from the mouth of babes the truth itself is spoken. They say the truth is a double-edged sword, and it cut through Jerry’s soul. Writhing in pain he seeks a salve to stop the anguish. He discovers it inside himself and puts it all on paper. Printed and bound, he titles his revelation, “The Things We Think And Do Not Say.” An interesting mission statement that after being read gets him fired. Consequently his fiancée leaves him and his fortune falls to ruins. Why? Because he asked his equals to think about what they had done. What he wrote spoke of wanting less, a future filled with simple pleasures and free from social pressures. He realized what we all do in the quiet moments: success is not measured by how much we gain, but by how much we serve.

In the quiet moments we realize this, but soon enough the air is filled with clamorous chatter. Back to bitching we forget what really matters. We destroy ourselves with what we say… its high-time we think things through. Plato explained that thinking is a discussion with one’s soul. Seeing that we are all blessed with this noble communicator its best to engage it often. Perhaps if we thought before we spoke so many words would not be wasted. Or at least they would be worth hearing, no matter the hardships that follow. After all wisdom is better than whining.