Thrash Brothers At Englishtown, NJ from Blasfome on Vimeo.

If I said I didn’t enjoy every second of filming I do with these guys it would be an absolute lie.  They say that drifting is the most fun you can have in a car.  I’m not even behind the wheel and I’ll tell you that is a true statement.

This time around I travelled with John and Jimmie to Englishtown, NJ for an evening of drifting at the greatest place on earth Englishtown Raceway. we had some car issues early on namely John’s car didn’t show up until 5 pm and an off track situation while giving drifting lessons to racetrack’s owner Mike Napp that had Jimmie welding holes in the oil pan of Petty’s car while using a fork truck as a car lift.  You’ll have to wait for the Blasfome Team Video to see all of that.  For now check out check out these two fucking awesome runs featuring John, Jimmie and Matt with some additional driving from Chris Forsberg.  Watch for John (black car) and Jimmie’s (red car) “bump” towards the end of the second run and you guys decide who hit who.

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