I have been really busy around the office and pretty much everywhere else and blog posts really haven’t been the first thing on my mind.  These sparse posts have been for a good reason.

When we launched BLASt a little over a year ago now.  I didn’t have a really solid idea of what is was going to take to make this project…. this dream come to fruit.  One of the things I did know from day one was that we needed to do a lot of catching up.  And for the last year we have been doing just that.  Websites needed brought up to snuff, the timing of releases and seasons needed to be matched to that of the rest of the industry, hell I had to figure out some way to handle inventory and everything that comes with the business end of things all of this while promoting, designing, throwing parties, building a brand and still working a second job.  All that and trying to turn some sort of a profit.

It has been a long trip, totally worth every second of it.  I am not saying that progression and growing is stopping but we have reached a point where we can as they say take this show in the road.  And that is really what we are going to be doing.  Spring is designed, we have our samples ready to go and BLASt is going on the road literally, sales rep style.  There are three of us traveling together Bobby Buckets, my good friend Fubz from NYC who is a rep for some other companies and myself.  We will be traveling the east coast from Miami to Montreal and pretty much everywhere in between.  The last few weeks have been crunch time.

The entire time we have been getting all everything ready for this sales trip we have also been helping build The NEW Jesters Court Tattoos in the Oakland Area of Pittsburgh.  The shop will be a full service tattoo shop located directly below Hot Rod Body Piercing at 115 Oakland Ave.  The awesome part for BLASt is that we will have a small retail section inside of the shop.  Needless to say any time you open a location like this everthing has to be customized to your needs and we have been working on the remodeling for a long while now.  Things are finally coming along.  I am unsure of the opening date at this time but, it should be coming shortly.

In the mean time I invite you to follow us on the road for the next two weeks while we travel from city to city.