JOhn Wagner, Matt Petty, Jimmie Caldwell Thrash Brothers Blasfome Drifting

Matt Petty, Thrash Brothers, Blasfome Drifting

John Wagner Blasfome Thrash Brothers Skateboarding

While I wasn’t able to make it to the Clubloose Freedom Moves Drift Event in Englishtown, I did manage to find someone to shoot the Thrash Brothers for Blasfome.  Tim Connolly is responsible for the top two watermarked images and a shit load more.  He shoots some pretty bad ass pics and one of these days I’m going to convert him to a video guy.  Haha.  (He doesn’t know it yet.) Check out Tim’s coverage of Freedom Moves and the Thrash Brothers on Tim’s flickr site here.

As you can see from the first shot the guys fucking ripped all weekend.  From what I can tell from the coverage it was a hell of a party complete with mandatory fire breathing and some dudes passed out on top of tires.  The second image is of Petty channeling his inner Miley Cyrus in what could be the most disturbing picture I’ve seen in a while.

John finally got to ride the mini-ramp.  I haven’t heard how well he did.  From the looks of the pictures he seems to have held his own.  I’m not sure who shot the photo, but thanks for being kind enough to post it.

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