For those of us living in the continental United States it been a brutal winter.  Its been over six weeks since that woodchuck in Punxsutawney predicted that it would be an early spring and he couldn’t have been more wrong.  Its been snowing and could almost everyday since.

If you’re anything like us at Blasfome then you need a great winter tire for your car so that you can drive with the same break neck speed in the winter as you do the summer.  Me personally I’ve tried every brand of winter tires you can think of.  One of those brands is Nokian.  Not as well known as their some of their counterparts in the automotive tire industry Nokian actually specializes in specifically winter weather tires.  Nokian does so well with winter tyres that they set out to prove how superior their tires are by setting the Ice Speed Record in one of the coldest environments in the world The Gulf of Bothnia in their home country of Finland.

Nokian would accomplish this goal with with an Audi RS6 laced up with a set of Nokian’s Hakkapeliitta 8-series on a special constructed 7.5 mile test track.  Driving the Audi would be Nokian’s own test driver “Iceman” Janne Laitinen.  Rolling through the speed traps twice for an average speed of 208.602 mph, or 335.713 kmh.  This years attempt breaks Laitinen’s previous record of 206.05 mph set in 2011.  The guys at Nokian were kind enough to document the event and lets say it looks like they had a blast.