I hope you haven’t forgotten about Aeon’s Flight.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned it specifically; nevertheless its purpose still permeates every piece. This literally endeavor is titled after Plato’s Theory of Forms. It is the belief that the soul exists beyond the surface. By applying this philosophy to my writing I’ve been able to dig a lot deeper into the “My Life” side of things. All while talking about the movies I’ve enjoyed along the way.

With summer almost over I’m bursting with excitement. TIFF’s now a few weeks away and this has got me grinning. The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the greatest theatrical events in the world. Furthermore, it is the time wherein my city truly comes to life. You see we love movies here, and not just as consumers. Toronto is a city wherein movies are made, stars are born, and creators live.  For example Total Recall was shot here last year, and Pacific Rim was filming here in the spring. And though both movies take place in other exotic locales us locals know what’s up.

As for the actors, there are a few worth mentioning who have called Toronto home. Christopher Plummer for example, he recently won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  He also honed his talents at the nearby Stratford Festival, and in 2006 I was blessed to see him play Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Interesting to note, he played Aristotle in Oliver Stone’s Alexander, (the conqueror’s tutor and Plato’s protégé). Said film is one of my all-time favorites! And speaking of favorites Keanu Reeves, a long time Torontonian, is my all-time favorite actor. From Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, to Point Break, the Matrix Trilogy and many more, the man has impressed me endlessly. Plus to make it personal he was born in Beirut, the same city my girl was. Then there’s Sarah Polley. Born and raised here she’s made the city proud for decades. Within memorable appearances like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, as well as behind the camera for flicks such as Take This Waltz.

Ivan Reitman came here as a refugee in the 1950’s. By the 80’s he had blockbusters like Ghostbusters under his belt. His son (Jason) is a director as well, his latest work being Young Adult. Another famous son with work coming to TIFF is Brandon Cronenberg. Everyone here is buzzing about his debut release, Antiviral. Last but not least is his father, David. There’s nothing as “Toronto” as David Cronenberg. He filmed his horror classics here (The Fly; Scanners; and Videodrome), hell he’s lived here his whole life! And for most of them he’s crafted classics. In 2011 he delivered the insightful A Dangerous Method. And this year he got cerebral with Cosmopolis. Oh ya, and then there’s Pittsburgh’s George A. Romero. The king of the undead may not have been born here, but he now calls it home. We’re the Hollywood of the North, and I love it!