Troy Squirt Manners U.S. Drift Blasfome


Editor note: Usually I try to write recaps of what the Blasfome Team is doing over the weekend.  Drifter Troy Manners lent me a hand this week and wrote this dope recap of his weekend at Englishtown, NJ for the U.S. Drift event.

“This weekend was my first competition of the year for U.S drift.  I went out for top 16 practice and drove as much as I could because I am still learning this car because it is pretty much all different from last year.  In top 16 practice I was feeling pretty good and was really nailing all the clips and throwing a lot of angle.  Then it was time to qualify.

On my first run I bobbled a bit on entry and really wasn’t on the clips very well.   My nerves kind of got the best of me.  On my second run I left the line and started up shifting and couldn’t get the car in third gear.  I initiated late and not fast enough.  I clutched kicked the car hard and at that point I was pretty pissed.  So I pretty much scraped every clip on the whole track at full lock and drove probably the best run of the day but I’m sure I lost points for the entry or I would have qualified high.  I ended up qualifying 8th.

After qualifying it started raining hard and it was time for top 16. I was going in blind on where to set the car for the slippery conditions and I was up first in top 16.  I won top 16 because the dude that was following me spun.  In top 8 I was up against James Evans who is a really good driver.  He hadnt driven in the wet yet and I didn’t know if he would spin or not so i gave him a gap and held the same distance the whole run, then he followed me and apparently he was closer so they gave him the win.  I was kind of bummed out but looking forward to next round at Summit Point in a few weeks.” Mike Modano Authentic Jersey