The last few days have been crazy here at the BLASt offices.  We are finalizing everything for the upcoming party and it is coming down to crunch time.  The pinata for the party is coming along nicely.  I started it last night and the first few layers are down and drying.  The cake is in its last stage of construction.  All that is left to do is decorate it.  I am excited to get everything finished and for everyone to see.  Since none of that is possible just yet i am going to leave you guys a little taste of the progress on the cake and the pinata for the party Nov 1.

Also we are going to be in Philadelphia on Friday Nov. 7, 2008 for the TURNPIKE TEARDOWN which is our fall/winter line release in Philadelphia with our friends at Pedestrian.  I will have more details for you in the next few days.  In the mean time go check out Pedestrian’s website at

The beginning stages of the pinata.

The soon to be infamouse cake pre-decorations

Of course Starkey Love stuck her nose in where it doesn’t belong.